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     The term Golden Cross describes a traditional method of determining trend by way of three moving averages and is employed by this multi currency EA, it is designed to be a long term low risk investment tool, it can not be run in strategy tester, however extensive forward testing using fixed lots shows it to be profitable with one winning streak lasting for 16 trades, long winning streaks are made possible by using wide stops, not too wide but just right to allow profits to exceed losses. It scans  eight major currency baskets to identify divergence between the trend and the strength of individual currencies. A pair is then formed from 28 possibilities between those showing the most extreme opposing divergence and placed on a 15 M chart by the EA in preparation for a trade. Trades are always opened in the direction of the main trend (Golden Cross).  

The EA does not try and pick a specific entry point, decades of trading has convinced me that to do so is pointless, it is far more important to accurately determine the right direction and allow the trade room to breathe and give it time to reach the TP. 

A fixed TP and SL are  placed with the trade, an array of other dynamic criteria are used to minimise losses and  maximise profits. You can use a fixed lot (recommended) or if you want more risk with more reward you can use auto lot which will very gradually increase lot sizes to recover losses faster than with fixed lots. 

Auto Lot monitors the account high water mark and uses higher lot sizes if the account balance is below the mark, lots are raised win or lose until the account exceeds the previous high. The account high water mark is stored in a variable named AccHigh, you can find this by going to tools then global variables in the MQ4 terminal, the user needs to edit the AccHigh amount to match the account balance before first allowing the EA to trade using autolot, after that it will adjust itself, or the user can edit it at any time if they wish to stop the lots from increasing.

     There are no set files to worry about, just load it on to any 15 M chart, it does not matter because when it is ready to trade it will choose it's own chart symbol. Select auto or fixed lots and their starting size in EA user inputs, click OK and make sure you have a smiley face. Staying connected is important for the EA to manage the trade, but your position is protected by the fixed TP and SL if connection is lost.

User Inputs:  

Risk.  Fixed or Auto Lots.

Lots.  About 0.01 for each $2000 of account balance if using autolot.

MaxAllowedLots.  This will limit the auto lot increases.

Magic. Stops conflicts with other EA's.

  The user should make sure their trading platform is providing tick data on all of the major currencies to maximise the the signals provided by the EA. 

   The EA  is not sensitive to latency, but you should always use a good broker for best results.


PeterSwaby 2019.07.12 10:06 

I have been using Golden Cross for a couple of weeks and it has made me some money. It is very cleverly written and is worth trying.



Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2019.06.20 23:30 

The author is a gentleman of the first order. Infinitely patient. Responsive even when I had not rented but had questions and more questions. His product has solid foundation in technical analysis.

Many thanx Brother Humberto for sharing it here. It is lovely to be able to review first and also be able to be first in the Comments of this Expert.

Cheers !

Versión 5.0 2019.07.09
Small change to profit take code results in higher profit for first trade in a series.
Added information for user regarding profit required to close trade.
Versión 4.0 2019.07.03
Code modifications to improve Take Profit amount to be
more consistent between pairs.
Versión 3.0 2019.06.28
Made some stability and efficiency improvements.
Versión 2.0 2019.06.10
Added user input to limit max trade size.