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RaptorF4 mt5

The Expert Advisor system works with ticks on hedging accounts. Works with a deposit of $100! Classical scalping trading method. The elementary unit of analysis for an internal algorithm is a tick. The robot works well on any historic period with any currency pair.

Make sure to set parameters: HourLimit = -1 and MinLimit = -1.

The key value is spread, with default settings can work with the spread up to 10. If the spread is greater than 10, you should use other parameter values. Testing on real ticks with default settings does not work because the testing history has a high spread. Testing on all ticks is idealized, because spread is set to 1. Testing using open prices makes no sense.

It can work on accounts with the floating spread, but market entries will only be performed when spread is below the allowed parameter value.


  • TypeFilling - sets order filling type.
  • Magic - sets the magic number.
  • Lot - sets lot size for market entry (the priority uis higher than that of Risk).
  • Risk - lot calculation depending on the deposit.
  • Spread - spread limit (no entries above this).
  • TP - Take Profit.
  • SL - Stop Loss.
  • CountSteck - the depth of the tick stack (maximum is 9).
  • Pips - tick impulse value.
  • LimitOrder - limit in the number of orders (if you increase the number twice, you should also reduce risk by 2 times).
  • MinClose - minimum profit to close by a signal (% of deposit).
  • OnChanel - trading in a channel or following the trend. Example (trend): if the impulse is buy, a buy order is opened. Channel: if the impulse is buy, a sell order is opened.
  • DrawDown - maximum allowable drawdown, which being reached orders are closed (% of deposit).
  • HourLimit - limit trading in specified hour. Set to -1 (disables limit).
  • MinLimit - limiting trading in the specified minutes of the specified hour. Set to -1 (disables limit).


In order to work with a high spread, select the parameters of stop levels (TP, SL) and the parameters of the tick impulse (Pips), the stack depth (CountSteck) and operation mode: channel (OnChanel = true) or trend (OnChanel = false). Optimizing these parameters, you will have less entries but with a larger price movement range. I.e. the large movements should cover the large spread. However, entries will be rare. The longer the impulse length, the more accurate the signals, but also rare. In this case you should trade multiple currencies (attach the robot to several charts). Then there will be independent impulses for each pair and the total amount will increase significantly.

The big advantage of the system is that it uses short stops and no martingale. By default, stop loss is equal to take profit. Often systems have a large stop loss values, which may ruin many small profits. This system avoids such a disadvantage.

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