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Stochastics Multi not delayed Step Stochf

Step_Stochf is a free version of the Step_Stoch indicator, it works only on one symbol - USDCHF.

To access the full functionality on a trading server, you may use the full version Step_Stoch.

This indicator is a trader's tool. It shows the movement of stochastics on all periods and symbols: М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1, Н4 every minute (the time scale from the current to -240 minutes, i.e. tha last 4 hours).

Step_Stoch overcomes the disadvantage of stochastic indicators - lagging. For example, a rise after a fall on H1 (or M30) after can be seen on a usual stochastic after 60 minutes for H1 or after 30 minutes on M30. This indicator displays this information in a minute, allowing you to obtain a better result.

You can see all stochastics combined together and analyze their movement to make optimal trading decisions without delays, which earlier could lead to loss of profit when closing deals or to a late opening, when the possibility of profit (large part of it) is already lost. Step_Stoch lines help you see the beginning of the trend reversal process faster.

The indicator automatically adjusts to 4 and 5-digit quotes, Screen DPI, the time scale of the chart.

Input Values

  • KPeriod, DPeriod, Slowing, Mode_, - standard Stochastic parameters.
  • ColorBack - background color. The colors of the stochastic lines can be changed on the tab.

The indicator author is a programmer with 33 years of programming experience, as well as forex trading experience since 2011.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.30 14:27 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Star (40%) = Undecided

3 Star (60%) = Acceptable

4 Star (80%) = Good

5 Star (100%) = Excellente!

mxp1 2018.06.29 22:33 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Erdinç Yıldız
Erdinç Yıldız 2018.06.26 21:32 

Works fine.

Versión 18.81 2018.08.23
Improved screen design
Versión 18.8 2018.08.22
Улучшен дизайн.
Versión 18.7 2018.06.26
In version 18.7, the indicator is redrawn faster when using 'maximize' and 'restore window'.