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AMA Trend

AMA Trend is a powerful multi-timeframe trend indicator, which is a modification of Extremum Trend indicator. The operation principle is based on the relative analysis of OHLC bars. It is easy to configure, easy to use and will be useful in trading for both beginners and professional traders.

AMA Trend reacts to a trend change faster than Extremum Trend: a speed gain is up to six bars. However, it provides more false signals during flat. To solve this issue, you can use a bit longer period. In this case, the number of false signals decreases, and the gain during a trend change is up to three bars. However, despite all the advantages, Extremum Trend is better suited for sorting out signals.


  • Does not redraw.
  • Minimum lagging from the price;
  • Multi-timeframe panel;
  • Notifications in the terminal, by email or push notifications to the mobile phone
  • Decreased lagging.

Trading strategy

AMA Trend can be used in two ways.

As a filter: Using graphical display and multi-timeframe panel, you can quickly and accurately filter signals for any trading system. The panel can be disabled.

As a stand-alone trading system: Buy when the price is below the trend line in a bullish trend (rising) and sell when the price is above the trend line with a bearish trend (falling). It is advisable to move the position to breakeven at the first opportunity. Trailing stop and trend reversal are most suitable for exiting the market.


  • Period — trend line period.
  • MTF Panel — enable/disable the panel.
  • Panel size — set the panel size.
  • Panel update time — frequency of panel refreshing.
  • Font scale (only for Windows) — do not change. You should change this only if letters overlap in case a non-standard scaling of fonts is set in Windows.
  • Alerts — enable/disable alerts.
  • Alerts on PC — enable/disable alerts in the PC terminal.
  • Mobile Push-notifications — enable/disable push notifications in the phone.
  • E-mail notifications — enable/disable email notifications.


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