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Angry Scalping

Angry Scalping Expert Advisor is based on MACD indicator (TF M15).

The input parameters are optimized for EURUSD M5. This strategy is designed for ECN broker with NO commission.

swing6019452 2015.06.24 17:47   

The author is a person who is irresponsible.

Arun Patel
Arun Patel 2015.05.08 21:17 

I also buy and attached in demo accounts both accounts in lose. So Mohammed is right don't buy and don't waste money on this piece of garbage.

Mohammed AlHatlani
Mohammed AlHatlani 2015.05.08 16:59 


This is not real, this is so bad... Please do not buy..

Versión 2.0 2015.04.07
- SL = x pips. Distance for buy/sell stop order.
- Timer cut = true/false. Close order timer.