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This Expert Advisor is based on Spectral Analysis and Neural Network technology. The EA is fully optimized and prepared for work on a real account. It does not use martingale. Stop loss and take profit are set to 30 points for 4-digit quotes. Working timeframe is 60 minutes. But is also takes data from the 30 minutes timeframe. Therefore, the EA automatically refreshes the 30-minute chart. Virtual take profit and stop loss can also be applied. It is possible to use a dynamic lot to increase the volume of positions during a successful trading.

The EA works on the following currency pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD.

Working timeframe is 60 minutes.


  • Magic - magic number.
  • virt = true - enable virtual take profit and stop loss.
  • trail = false - enable trailing stop.
  • Trail_Stop=10 - trailing stop step.
  • percent = 1 - percentage of deposit per trade.
  • Lot = 0 - fixed lot. If set to 0, percentage is used.
  • TProfit = 30 - take profit in points.
  • SLoss = 30 - stop loss in points.
  • MaxCountOrders = 20 - maximum number of opened orders.
  • MxSpread=20 - maximum spread.
  • BeginHour =0 - trading start time.
  • EndHour = 24 - trading end time.
Nikolay Moskalev
Nikolay Moskalev 2018.09.28 07:09 

Пока всё плохо

KangaTrev 2018.08.15 23:10 

Does not make money. Back tests look fantastic however forward tests lose money. Be careful.

Versión 1.3 2018.07.23
Была исправлена ошибка Unsupported Filling Mode
Versión 1.2 2018.07.06
The algorithm uses data from the higher timeframes: 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Added the trailing stop function. Fixed an error with magic numbers. Added the ability to select the trading time and to limit the spread.
Versión 1.1 2018.05.30
Improved the algorithm of adaptation to the changes in the market situation. Fixed an error that occurred when on accounts with currencies other than USD.