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This scalper Expert Advisor is designed for trading the major currency pairs. The EA works on any timeframe. It uses dynamic pending orders with ability to filter them for their deletion. If necessary, this function can be disabled and the entries will be performed by market. The algorithm includes several scalping strategies. Orders are managed by means of a complex customizable trailing, which allows closing deals at the lowest cost. Reconfiguration of the EA parameters can significantly change the trading strategy, both in the number of deals, and in the levels of profitability and drawdown. It features a protection against spread expansion and possible slippages. Automatic risk control.


  • Use_LOGO - use the logo on a chart
  • Use_Time - use trade timing
  • StartTrade - time to start trading (in hours, server time)
  • EndTrade - time to end trading (in hours, server time)
  • StartTradeMonday - time to start trading on Monday (in hours, server time)
  • EndTradeFriday - time to end trading on Friday (in hours, server time)
  • Signal - market entry signal
  • Signal_Period - signal period for market entry
  • Signal_Factor - coefficient for generating market entry signals
  • Signal_Factor_Period - period to analyze the market entry signals
  • Corrector - the degree of reliability of the entry signal
  • Corrector_Period - 'Corrector' analysis period
  • Greed - limit the number of orders opened at the same time
  • Use_PendingOrder - enable the use of pending orders
  • Use_PendingTrailing - enable trailing of pending orders
  • PendingOpen - a distance to place a pending order
  • PendingTrailingStep - the step of pending order trailing
  • StopLoss - fixed stop loss value
  • TakeProfit - fixed profit target
  • TrailingStart - trailing start level
  • TrailingStop - trailing distance
  • TrailingStep - trailing step
  • DinamicTrailingStop - enable the dynamic change in the TrailingStop value
  • TrailingStopCoef - coefficient of the dynamic change in the TrailingStop value
  • TrailingStopMin - the minimum value of TrailingStop, when the dynamic changing function is enabled
  • FixedLot - lot value if MM is off
  • Use_AutoMM - enable automated calculation of lot value
  • AutoMM - percent for lot calculation
  • Max_Spread - maximum allowable spread value
  • Slippage - maximum slippage in points
  • Magic - unique ID to use the EA along with other EAs
  • Open_Comment - a comment to trades
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