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C4 Endeavor

C4 Endeavor is an Expert Advisor that includes a long term portfolio of different strategies developed for XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY pairs for the H1 timeframe.

The EA only uses MetaTrader 4 native indicators and works mainly as a trend following system, generating trading signals when specific market conditions determined by such indicators are met.

You don't need to make any special configurations to it and you can use it on defaults since it already has the best parameters included. Basically, you only need to attach it to the desired pair's chart on the H1 timeframe and select the corresponding pair to trade from the drop-down menu. Additional flexible Money Management facilities are provided (read Parameters description).

When selecting a pair, the EA applies the best strategies to use on it, each set of which was developed using a 10 years period worth of back-test data at 99.9% quality with double Out of Sample, Monte Carlo and Multi-Market robustness tests, considering swaps, commissions, variable historical spreads and slippages costs.

Although all trades are protected with a Stop Loss, each strategy uses a different value for it. When using risk in percent or money the volume will auto adjust accordingly to provide the desired max risk.

Pairs Supported




Recommended Initial Capital

$1500 base account currency using all pairs and a minimum 0.01 fixed lot for a low risk environment.

Monitoring Signal



  • Long term, use for at least 6 months.
  • Easy to use, all recommended configuration included.
  • Can be backtested using control points.
  • No high risk methods are used like scalping, grid, Martingale, hedging, loss overstaying and the like.
  • Stop Loss is always used, however some strategies don't use Take Profit values.
  • Compatible with 4 and 5 digit brokers.
  • Compatible with Standard and ECN accounts.
  • Compatible with mini and micro accounts.
  • Low sensitivity to execution times.
  • Doesn't comply with FIFO rules since it uses different independent strategies for the same pair.


Format: User interface name - (Source code variable name, useful when examining reports) - Explanation.

  • Pair to Trade - (pairToTrade) - Select the pair to trade from the drop-down menu.
  • Fixed Lot - (Lots) - Fixed trading volume, only valid if "Use Autolot" is set to False.
  • Lot Decimals - (LotsDecimals) - Use number 1 if you have a mini account with minimum 0.1 volume or 2 for micro 0.01 minimum volume.
  • Use Autolot? - (UseMoneyManagement) - Enables the variable risk management features in percent or money.
  • Risk Percent - (RiskInPercent) - Set desired max risk per trade as a % percentage of balance, works if Autolot = True and Risk in Money = False.
  • Max Lot Allowed - (MaximumLots) - Maximum volume limit to allow the EA to trade with, must be bigger than 0 and lower than your broker's limit.
  • Use Risk in Money? - (UseFixedMoney) - If True you can use a max risk per trade as a currency amount, works if Autolot = True.
  • Risk in Money - (RiskInMoney) - Max risk as currency amount, works if Autolot and Risk In Money = True.
  • Max Slippage in Points - (MaxSlippage) - Maximum desired Slippage tolerance in points.
  • Max Spread in Points - (MaxSpread) - Maximum desired Spread tolerance in points.
  • Starting Magic - (Base_Magic_Number) - System base magic, you can leave it the same for each pair, reserve the following 40 numbers.
  • ECN Account - (setProtectionSeparately) - If true, the Stop Loss is set after the trade is opened.
  • Custom Comment - (customComment) - Specify a custom comment for trades, it adds the unique strategy Magic at the end of it.
  • Allow XAUUSD Strategies - (strategiesAllowXAUUSD) - Each 1 represents a different strategy, you can disable them individually by changing its 1 to 0.
  • Allow EURUSD Strategies - (strategiesAllowEURUSD) - Same as previous.
  • Allow GBPUSD Strategies - (strategiesAllowGBPUSD) - Same as previous.
  • Allow USDJPY Strategies - (strategiesAllowUSDJPY) - Same as previous.

Note: This system is an always evolving work in progress, if you have any question or suggestion feel free to contact me.

Checkmark GmbH
Markus Goss 2018.10.07 22:31 

Too early for me to say something about performance of the new available C4 upgrade, but one is for sure: Eric is a very professional and experienced trader providing top-notch service to answer all upcoming questions about setup and settings of his EA. No doubt he deserves 5-Stars for that and for showing real performance of his live signal whether good or bad times occur. I will update my opinion on C4 Endeavor itself after a few weeks/months of forward-testing on my live account.

Alex 2018.06.01 16:20 

Just bought this EA on the 24.04.2018, will run the EA on demo account first and will post an update in a couple of weeks.

Update: 1.06.2018: Demo account now reached -65% performance...