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Speaking Multi Indicator STEP IN

The indicator uses a separate window to draw the lines of Stochastic indicators on М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1, Н4, lines of Volume UP and DOWN. On the chart, it draws orders, trend, BUY/SELL signals (+voice messages), lot price, the current lot and other Market information.

The indicator works on all currency pairs and is automatically adapted to 4 and 5-digit MetaTrader 4 terminal and Screen DPI of your monitor.

The indicator displays the following in a single window:

  • Lines of stochastic oscillators М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1, Н4 based on М1.
  • Lines of volume changes - Moving of Volume UP and Moving of Volume DOWN on a specified period.
  • Indication of the volumes direction change (more BUY or more SELL) currently and in the previous minute (delta  Volume current and delta Volume prev).
  • Indication of the peak moments above PIKUP and below PIKDO of the Moving of Volume UP/DOWN lines.
  • Indication of the current values difference (delta stoch-signal) М1 using its change direction color.
  • iTREND trend line (dot) having the current signal value color (BUY or SELL) and iTREND.
  • BUY and SELL signals as colored up-down arrows. Signal trigger moments are calculated based on analyzing iFractals М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1, values and directions of all indicated stochastics and current volumes change direction. The market behavior changes over time, therefore the signal generation algorithm will be improved. BUY and SELL signals are displayed in the main window while voice messages are triggered simultaneously.

In addition, the indicator shows the following data in the main chart (if allowed in the properties):

  • Relevant Market Info on your dealer: minimum lotlot price in USD (calculated), leverage, level of the current stop out in %.
  • Calculated Market Info: optimal current lot sizemarket activity for the last 20 minutes (max/min prices difference multiplied by iATR ratio), current margin percentage. AKTIV activity is approximately equal to the number of points (х10 - in the five-digit MetaTrader 4) between max-min prices. If AKTIV is less than spread, trading has no sense. If you have several open charts with various currency pairs, trade the one with the largest AKTIV.
  • Current profit of your account and balance (they are not visible at the bottom of the terminal in case of multiple orders).
  • Colored STL trend line plotted by bars Close prices applying open order colors.
  • Vertical lines in order placement points indicating time and chart labels.

When testing the indicator, we can observe plotting the orders if EA testing is enabled in the tester, for example MACD Sample.ex4, and STEP_IN is inserted.

The indicator enables English-language voice messages to attract your attention (not reproduced in the tester):

  • when a trend changes to BUY - "step  in  say  buy", to SELL - "step  in  say  sell".
  • when closing orders with a loss - "step  in  you have loss", with a profit - "step  in  you have profit".

Close signals are triggered when stop loss or take profit has been activated.

At the trading start, it is recommended to test the indicator from yesterday to tomorrow to download all previous data from the server. At the end of the test, you will see the current iTREND and will be able to start trading correctly without waiting for the first BUY/ SELL signal. TREND calculate using the market peculiarities does not guarantee that the market follows it since the market is unpredicatable. For efficient trading, you should always follow the news and read forecasts of trusted analysts, while STEP_IN helps you to see the real picture of the market to make the most efficient decisions.

During an autonomous test of an aribtrary day, your PC should have data on the previous day for correct calculation of BUY/SELL signals. The absence of H4 stochastic line in the indicator window hints at insufficient data.


  • KPeriod, DPeriod, Slowing, Mode - standard ones - for all stochastics.
  • PERIOD_Mov_VOLUME - period, HIGHT_Mov_VOLUME - VOLUME indicator height.
  • ColorText, ColorLine, ColorBuy, ColorSell - indication colors.
  • HIGHT_Mov_VOLUME - height of the VOLUME indication window.
  • ClearMainWindow - clear the main window of the indicator objects.
  • SoundMessage - voice messages.

Thec screenshots display: 1 - trading on a real account (GIF animation), 2 - working in the tester, 3 - clarifying parameters, 4 - inputs.

The author is a programmer with more than 33 years of experience.

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Versión 18.2 2018.02.27
Optimized the BUY/SELL signals generation algorithm for the current Forex market conditions.