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Take away and start again MT5

TAASA is a multicurrency trend-trading Expert Advisor.


  • Trading is based on recognition of a trend change.
  • ECN accounts with a minimum spread are preferred.
  • Quotes with 4 and 5 decimal places are supported.

Signal monitoring and other products: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/niktron/seller

MetaTrader 4 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/21710

Input parameters

  • LotType - lot calculation method (BalanceLot - based on balance; FixtLot - fixed lot)
  • LotSize - lot size (if BalanceLot is selected, Lot=AccountBalance/100000*LotSize)
  • H_Volatility - the number of hours to calculate the volatility
  • k_TP - ratio of take profit to volatility
  • k_SL - ratio of stop loss to volatility
  • min_SL - the minimum stop loss value
  • max_SL - the maximum stop loss value
  • min_TP - the minimum take profit value
  • max_TP - the maximum take profit value
  • TS - trailing stop in points (0 - disabled)
  • TimeFrameMA - timeframe to calculate the Moving Average indicator
  • ma1 - averaging period of the slow МА
  • ma2 - averaging period of the fast МА
  • rsi - RSI period
  • MethodMA - averaging method
  • PriceMA - applied price
  • MaxOpenPos - the maximum number of positions opened by the EA at a time (0 means the number if unlimited)
  • CloseOnlyProfit - do not close losing trades upon receiving a signal to close, and wait for the breakeven take-profit or stop loss to trigger
  • max_spread - the maximum spread at which new positions can be opened (does not affect closure)
  • slip - slippage in points
  • bs - the number of bars to analyze the volumes
  • MinVol - the minimum volume of the last candle for opening trades
  • magic_x - unique ID to use the EA along with other experts

Please use a reasonable lot size!

yasel2412x 2018.10.17 02:00 

me gusta mucho este EA Nikolay me ayudo muchisimo muchas gracias

7106118 2018.07.17 00:48 

I think that TASA EA is a good EA.

After testing on demo account, having nice results, now I' started it trading on real