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Incentive is a scalper robot.

The strategy is based on breakout/rebound from consolidation prices. The Expert Advisor does not trade often.

It is recommended to use 5-digit quotes, a 5-minute timeframe and low-spread trading instruments. Metals are not suitable for trading, because the strategy cannot determine their price consolidation.

Originally, the EA was developed for the following trading instruments:

EURUSD 5m and GBPUSD 5m.

It is recommended to select the above pairs.

The EA sets stop loss and take profit. In addition, it is possible to set order closure upon reaching the specified number of points (the Take profit points parameter), not waiting for the stop loss or take profit to trigger.

It is possible to enable averaging orders using the "Enable Martingale" option.


  • Comment to order - a comment to orders;
  • MaxRisk - maximum risk value;
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - if MaxRisk = 0, this lot will be used;
  • Enable Martingale - enable the Martingale system;
  • Step between orders - step between orders;
  • Multiplier - multiplier for averaging orders.
  • Take Profit - take profit;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss;
  • Take profit points - profit points to close positions;
  • Max Spread - maximum spread limit.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • Magic - order ID;
  • ShowInfoPanel - show/hide information panel;
  • BackColor - the background color of the information panel;
  • TextColor - the text color of the information panel.
Inal Zardia
Inal Zardia 2019.12.31 08:43 

Great adviser.

I do not understand the previous author of a bad review. Does he have no brains to install the adviser in the terminal?

His testing method with 99% quality is complete shit. This method is terrible.

My advisor is on a real account and constantly makes a profit.

nikad666 2018.11.07 21:08 

After downloading the demo and testing it with MT4 and 90% data quality from histdata, I have purchased this EA for 890$.

As stated by the deveoper/author I have used it with default settings for EURUSD and GBPUSD on my live account with 4000$ balance.

Fist two orders made some profit (50 point each), but the third order has hit the SL with 300 points.

This was the point where I've stopped AutoTrading.

Afterwards I've downloaded the Tick Data Suite (2 weeks trial version) and have downloaded EURUSD historical data from Dukaskopy.

Performing several tests with different settings, the EA was in NONE OF THOSE TESTS profitable.

All tests were running for more than one year and data quality was 99.9%.

In the comments section I've asked other people, who purchased that EA, to share their settings if they make money with this EA ...

"Does anyone use it for more than 6 months and made some profits?

If yes, PLEASE share your settings.

Just in case nobody would reply to my comment within the next two weeks, it would be a kind of confirmation that there are no profitable settings.

In this case, after loosing more than 1000$ for purchase and trading losses, after getting no chance to earn the money back, there would be no reason to give a rating higher than the possible minimum and writing an appropriate review."

NOBODY replied!

Even the developer gives a sh*t and does not comment!!!

Jerry Wu
Jerry Wu 2018.08.31 19:52 

This trading adviser is so bad that I don't even want to give it a single star.

Waleed Almutairi
Waleed Almutairi 2017.11.29 09:02 

first evaluation of the product and support

Aceman123 2017.10.31 12:28 

Great EA. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

Stanislav Sarbey
Stanislav Sarbey 2017.10.27 21:25 

Всем советую. Очень хороший робот.Спасибо Евгений.

Hongjun Yu
Hongjun Yu 2017.10.22 15:44 


Versión 6.0 2018.09.09
Increased the speed of the trading robot
Versión 5.0 2018.08.26
Increased the speed of the adviser.
Versión 4.5 2018.08.23
The logic of the trading algorithm is improved. Fixed minor flaws.
Versión 4.0 2017.11.17
Introduced the Martingale system. Added the following input parameters:
Enable Martingale - enable the Martingale system.
Step between orders - step between orders.
Multiplier - multiplier for averaging orders.