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Silent Forex Scalper EA

This scalper Expert Advisor trades the European and American currency pairs during the time around swap.


  • Platform: MetaTrader 4.
  • Timeframe: M15.
  • Operation time: 20:00-23:00 (GMT+0).
  • Quotes: 5-digit or 4-digit.
  • Maximum spread (in 4-digit points): from 2,5 to 4 points.
  • Account type: Any. Recommended ECN/STP account.

It is strongly advised to use VPS server for trading.


  • EA_Comment; - order comment.
  • Print_EA_Comment; - print the order comment in the journal. (True or False).
  • Show_Display; - show expert display. It is not recommended to enable this option in the strategy tester.
  • MAGIC; - unique ID of the EA's orders, used to prevent confusion with orders of other EA's that are trading on the same Currency Pair. If value is 0, the magic number is set automatically.
  • Position_types; - "Long" - allow long positions, "Short" - allow short positions, "All" - allow all position types.
  • Risk_in_persent; - includes calculation of risk as a percentage of the deposit.
  • Risk; - the level of risk in a single transaction. If the Risk_in_persent option is disabled, then the position volume.
  • NoRecapit; - enable calculation of risk based on the specified deposit value (this option is designed for risk management models without recapitalization).
  • MaxDeposit; - deposit value for the "NoRecapit" option (set manually).
  • Commission; - commission for a full lot in base currency (if > 30, then you need to set the "Max_Spread" manually).
  • StopType; - way to set stop levels (manually or automatically).
  • Slippage; - maximum allowed slippage in points.
  • Freemargin_limit; - the minimum free margin level for opening a trade (as a percentage of the deposit). If set to 0, there is no limit. The maximum valid value is 99.(9), not 100. This option is for those who use multiple EA's on one trade account.
  • Max_Spread; - the maximum spread in points (if the current spread exceeds this value, the EA will not trade). If 0, the maximum spread value is set automatically.
  • SprForEnterShort; - If this option is enabled, then the spread size will be taken into account for entries in short positions. Since short positions are opened at the Bid price, and the instrument's chart is plotted at the same price, the value of the spread is not important for a profitable entry into a position of this type. However, it is important to exit from a short position. It is not recommended to disable this option on instruments with a fixed spread exceeding the maximum allowed value.
  • GMT_Offset; - time shift of your terminal relative to GMT/UTC. (Value 1 = GMT +1).
  • DiffSwapHour; - Is the broker's swap hour different from the standard (5:00 pm New York time)?
  • BrokerSwapHour; - set the broker's swap hour if it is different from the standard one (with DiffSwapHour = false ).
  • OnlyPositiveSwap; - do not open positions with a negative swap value before the swap hour (only_in_ROLLOV3DAYS - only during the day with triple-accrued swap).
  • TradeOpenMonday; - trade on Monday at the opening of the market.
  • TradeCloseFriday; - trade on Friday at the closing of the market. If "true", open trades will be moved to weekends.

For the news filter to work correctly, you must run the terminal with administrator rights.

Full instructions to the adviser in the comments (post #20).

    Antoine Riou
    Antoine Riou 2017.10.28 19:22 

    El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

    Versión 2.2 2019.08.08
    - Added the ability to set the minutes of the start of trading.
    - Singles to enter a position are better adapted to the real conditions of trade.
    Versión 2.1 2019.06.04
    - Added the ability to set the time of trading manually.
    - Added the ability to enable automatic seasonal change of the time zone.
    - Added support for AUDNZD.
    - Now the test of the adviser is even closer to real conditions.
    Versión 2.0 2019.04.18
    - Added the ability to set the levels of stop loss and take profit manually.
    - Added the ability to specify the hour of swap-commission accrual at your broker manually.
    Versión 1.8 2019.01.29
    - Improved display program.
    - Expanded trading opportunities.
    - Added function that takes swap into consideration before entering in position.
    - Added a simple news filter.
    Versión 1.7 2018.12.20
    - Lotsize option is removed. Size of standard lot is now determined automatically.
    - Fixed small bugs.
    Versión 1.6 2018.12.04
    - The code of Advisor has been optimized.
    Versión 1.5 2018.08.16
    Versión 1.4 2018.01.11
    Fixed small bugs in the Expert Advisor's code.
    Versión 1.3 2017.12.29
    - Added the "NoRecapit" option.
    - Added the "MaxDeposit" option.
    - Added the "TradeOnMondayMorning" option.
    - Added the "TradeOnFridayEvening" option.
    - Trading strategy of the advisor has been improved.
    - Fixed risk calculation in percents.
    - The optimal timeframe for EURUSD pair is now "m15".
    - Default value of the "Max_Spread" option has been optimised for each currency pair.
    Versión 1.2 2017.11.08
    - Added the "Commission" option.
    - The default value of "Max_spread" is changed to 3.
    - The code of Advisor has been optimized.
    Versión 1.1 2017.10.17
    Version 1.1 - 2017.10.12

    - Added the "EA_Comment" option.
    - Added the "Print_EA_Comment" option.
    - Added the "Slippage" option.
    - Added the "Freemargin_limit" option.