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Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo

The demo version differs from the full version only in that it switches the timeframes: Daily, Weekly, Monthly; Symbols: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF.

The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23477

The indicator allows you to quickly switch from one instrument to another, from one time frame to another.

This can help you to operate the maximum number of instruments that are available at your broker, analyze more instruments/periods in less time.

The utility also displays the information on the current instrument: spread (in real time), swap, swaprollover3day, stoplevel, freezelevel.

Description of the buttons on the screen

  • Move to create buttons - buttons can be attached to any place on the chart by dragging this label. You can also save a default template with the added buttons, then they will be automatically added to the newly opened charts.
  • New List - creates a new chart with the successive instrument (in the Market Watch) and switches to the new chart.
  • Info Symb - opens a panel with the information on the current instrument:
    • FreezeLevel - freeze level of orders in points;
    • StopLevel - the closest distance to the price in points, where orders can be placed;
    • Spread - the current spread, the value is updated in real time;
    • Swap - long/Short;
    • SwapRollOver3Days - the day when triple Swap is charged.
  • Symbol- - switches the instrument to the next one (listed in Market Watch) from bottom to top (if the instrument is the first, switches to the last one, thus cycling in a loop).
  • Symbol+ - switches the instrument to the next one (listed in Market Watch) from top to bottom (if the instrument is the last, switches to the first one, thus cycling in a loop).
  • Period- - switches the time frame from the higher to the smaller (month - minute).
  • Period+ - switches the time frame from the smaller to the higher (minute - month).


  • START_PERIOD - time frame for opening new instrument charts (when pressing Symbol+ Symbol- New_List).
  • Already_Open_Symbol - when set to NO, pressing Symbol+ Symbol- New_List will not open the next instrument if it has already been open on another chart, but will open the one after it instead.
  • New_List_BUTTON - hide/show the New_List button.
  • Symbol_Info_BUTTON - hide/show the Symbol_Info button.
  • Move_to_create_buttons - color of the text that must be moved to the place where the buttons are supposed to be located.
  • text_BUTTON - text color of the buttons.
  • background_BUTTON - button background color.
  • border_BUTTON - button frame color.
  • color_Label - color of the labels on the chart of the current symbol / time frame.
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