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HP Position Calculator Panel

  • This panel tells you how many lots to trade based on given entry and stop-loss levels, Monetary Risk, Account size(balance or equity) and Account currency.
  • The default values in the panel are the nearest values on the chart of the time at which the symbol is set using the drop down button.
  • Users can easily modify the values by using the increase and decrease button or by providing input from keyboard.


  • To calculate the number of lots to trade user has to press the Calculate Volume button and the number of lots will be displayed in the blue box on the panel. (refer to Panel Buttons details screenshot)
  • User can easily close or minimize the panel using buttons at upper right corner of panel. (refer to Panel Buttons details screenshot)
  • When minimized the tool docks at the corner and can be maximized using button. (refer Minimized view of panel screenshot)

Input parameters

  • SYMBOLS - The traders can use this drop down menu to select from the various symbols.
  • ENTRY PRICE - The traders can input the entry price accordingly.
  • STOP LOSS PRICE - The traders can input the stop loss price.
  • MONETARY RISK - The traders can input the monetary risk.
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