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TrendDetector is an efficient multitimeframe indicator designed for traders who trade manually and use indicators of trading signals.

TrendDetector allows determining the trend direction and filter out false signals. It is a useful addition to any semi-automatic trading system.

TrendDetector helps to avoid the "market noise" and it can be used as a part of an expert.

The appearance of the indicator has been developed with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of your trading and decreasing the number of mistakes when opening and closing trades.

Charts are not repainted and based on bar Open prices.


  • M15_on - enable/disable M15 chart
  • M30_on - enable/disable M30 chart
  • H4_on - enable/disable H4 chart
  • Period_M15 - select the М15 period
  • Period_M30 - select the М30 period
  • Period_Н1 - select the Н1 period
  • Period_Н4 - select the Н4 period
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Versión 1.4 2017.08.29
Improved rendering algorithms