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Average Daily Range with Percentage

This is Average Daily Range indicator that have percentage calculation of the current day.

This indicator calculate average range of 20 days and show it on pips and percentage that reach each day.

Maybe you find out that out there have same indicator like this that is free, but watch it closely full day, you will find that indicator give you incorrect information about calculating the percentage.

Feature Highlights

  • Accurate percentage calculation
  • Customizable "how many days"
  • Customizable three color range percentage
  • No miscalculation with any broker or any GMT broker

Input Parameters

  • DailyAverage - How many days to average
  • Window_Corner - Position of the indicator
  • Horizontal - horizontal position
  • Vertical - vertical position
  • FontName - global font type
  • FontColor - global font color
  • ADRvalueColor - color for pips number at "Avg20Days"
  • FontSize - global font size
  • HighPercent - percentage value for high range
  • LowPercent - percentage for low range
  • HighColor - high range percentage color
  • MediumColor - medium range percentage color
  • LowColor - low range percentage color
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