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Horizon of Infinity

Brief description

Horizon of Infinity operates during a flat.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/309252

Trading Strategy

Most of the time (70-80%) the price of any financial instrument is in a sideways movement, investors call it flat. This is the purpose of the expert - to earn during a flat. The system is risky, because leaving the flat leads to losses. But as it was mention before, this may happen 20-30% of the time. So why not make profit the rest of the time? For example, the EURUSD pair has been in a sideways movement for 2 years. If you look at the top signals, it is clear that the most successful traders use systems that earn during the flat.


  • EA_Name - name of the EA;
  • London_Time_Diference - GMT offset of the broker server time;
  • OpenHour - trade opening hour;
  • OpenMinutes - trade opening minute;
  • CloseHour - trade closing hour;
  • CloseMinutes - trade closing minute;
  • TradeMonday - enable trading on Monday;
  • TradeFriday - enable trading on Friday;
  • UsedChart* - period of the chart used;
  • PrintLogOnChart - show/hide information on chart;
  • MaxLots - maximum allowable trade volume;
  • Risk - risk value for lot calculation;
  • MaxOpenSpread - maximum spread when opening a deal;
  • MaxCloseSpread - maximum spread when closing a deal;
  • Max_Positions - the maximum number of open deals;
  • Profit_Koeficient - multiplier of the estimated profit;
  • Average_Profit_Point - estimated profit per deal;
  • Points_Between_Positions - the minimum number of points between deals;
  • Points_Between_Positions_1_Day - the minimum number of points between deals in a single day;
  • magic - trade ID;
  • Stops - initial stop-loss;
  • TakeProfit - take-profit;
  • Profit_Progress** - profit increase options.

*UsedChart(0-9)...0 – current chart; 1 - PERIOD_M1; 2 - PERIOD_M5; 3 - PERIOD_M15; 4 - PERIOD_M30; 5 - PERIOD_H1; 6 - PERIOD_H4; 7 - PERIOD_D1; 8 - PERIOD_W1; 9 - PERIOD_MN1.

**Profit_Progress(0-2)… 0 - the estimated profit is not multiplied; 1 - the estimated profit is multiplied by the number of open orders;  2 - the estimated profit is multiplied by two.


  • Backtest the EA before use it on live account;
  • Optimize the EA and use the most appropriate parameters;
  • Determine the target, after which start withdrawing the profit;
  • Determine the most optimal pair on a daily chart for conservative trading - look for a flat.
  • Determine the most optimal pair on a hourly chart for aggressive trading - look for a flat.
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