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Game Fifteen Puzzle for MetaTrader5

GameFifteenPuzzle is a small game for the MetaTrader platform (MT4 & MT5) in the form of Expert Advisor. It does not make any trade, nor gives any market's signal.

A presentation of the game is on this link: 15 puzzle.

In order to play the game, use the mouse or the four arrow keys on the main keyboard or the arrow keys on the numeric keypad.

When playing the game, the number of steps and the time spent are displayed.

In order to play a new game, it is enough to change the graphic periodicity (for example if one is on a graph of H1, simply pass in H2, or M30, ...).

Setting the game (input parameters)

  • Game size: The size of the game. The standard size is 4 (in four rows and four columns), but you can choose a different size between 3 (minimum) and 7 (maximum).
  • Text color: The text color. default is clrYellow.
  • Cell color: The piece color. default is clrGreen.
  • Tray color: The chessboard. default is clrBrown.
  • Cell size: The piece's size. default is 60 pixel.
  • Sound effect: The Tone effect. With or without accompanying sound.

This game is offered, try it freely!

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