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Forex Dyna EA

Forex DYNA is a very unique and powerful expert advisor. Several features make this expert advisor safe and very efficient. Built-in money management will increase the base lot size as we get a higher balance. Designed for use on the AUDNZD (Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar), with a maximum spread of 3.5 pips and 15 Minutes (M15) time frame. The Trend is determined by the Moving Average and the EA will place market orders, with the entry conditions based on Bollinger Bands indicator.

Default Expert Advisor Settings are designed for AUDNZD currency pair on M15 Time Frame.


  • Designed for use on the AUDNZD, with a maximum spread of 3.5 pips.
  • Work on 15 Minutes (M15) time frame.
  • Use money management or fixed lot size.
  • Suitable also as a rebate trader.


  • EA Number - Enter a unique number to identify this EA
  • Nano Account - set to true for nano "penny a pip" account (contract size is $10,000)
  • UseMM - If set "True" the EA will calculate the lot size base on risk scaling.
  • LAF - Adjusts MM base lot
  • Lot - Starting lots if Money Management is off
THIS EA REQUIRES the use of MICRO LOTS or NANO LOTS, so make sure you have the ability to trade in this capacity.

Recommended Minimum Account $1000 (Standard) or $100 (Cent Account) with AutoMM "True" and default risk (0.5)

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