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Designed for trading the major currency pairs. The Expert Advisor opens deals after a preliminary analysis of a set of factors affecting the market situation on different timeframes.

It uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels considering the dynamics of the current quotes.

The lot size is calculated automatically, trading is performed using dynamically placed pending orders and smart trailing.


  • MAGIC - unique ID to use the EA along with other EAs
  • COMMENT - comment to trades
  • LOT - lot value if MM is off
  • AUTOMM - automated calculation of lot size
  • RISK - risk level for AUTOMM
  • FITF - timeframe to calculate the first value of the trading system.
  • ENTER - averaging control for the entry signal
  • SETF - timeframe to calculate the second value of the trading system.
  • IMPULS - period to analyze the entry signals
  • IMPULS С - coefficient of the period value for the analysis of entry.
  • FILTRTF - filter for the analysis
  • ENTRANCE - parameter to adjust the market entries
  • PERIOD - period to calculate the market entries
  • TURBO - intensive trading mode
  • PENDING - distance to place the pending orders
  • STOPLOSS - fixed stop loss level
  • TAKEPROFIT - fixed take profit level
  • FISTART - starting profit level
  • FISTOP - distance to trail the starting profit
  • TRAILSTART - level to start trailing
  • TRAILSTOP - trailing distance
  • TRAILSTEP - trailing step
  • MAXSPREAD - limit on the maximum spread value
  • SLIPPAGE - allowed slippage
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Versión 3.2 2019.01.29
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