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Management Dashbord

The Management Dashboard utility by friendly interface can show us at a glance for easy and fast decision.

In this indicator we will have:

  1. Important account's information:
    • Account Trade Mode: This feature show us the account is Real, Demo or Contest.
    • Account Number: This feature show us the trade account number that we used for our deals.
    • Account Name: This feature show us Name of trader that now is trading.
    • Account Leverage: Specifies that a few percent of the transaction can be.
    • Account Stopout: If the margin is less than the stop-out, a margin call occurs.
  2. Time remaining of current candlestick that opened.
  3. All of your trading symbols with other useful information including "Magic Number" & "Type of your trade" & "Lots of your trade" & "Real Profit"

Time Frame Support: The indicator in all except the weekly and monthly time frame is supported.

In order to improve the quality, Please guide me with your comments.

Enjoy it!

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