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TrendDetector SLOW4

This is a trend indicator. Its main purpose is to identify the price trend as fast as possible and to follow it with sufficient accuracy until it ends.

The main advantages for the Trader are:

  • Optimal parameters of the indicator allow to work in the modes: scalping, medium-term trend and long-term trend.
    • Scalping mode (short-term trend) should be used by traders who operate on M1-M15.
    • Medium-term trend mode (intraday trend) should be used by traders who operate on M20-Н4.
    • Long-term trend mode should be used for confirmation of the trend on H6 - MN1.
  • The indicator does not clutter the chart - narrow indicator window allows to load multiple other indicators without losing the informative value.
  • The current direction of the trend is characterized by the color and location of the indicator bars: above 0 - uptrend, below 0 - downtrend.

This indicator is a result of more than five years in programming and practical Forex trading. The idea used as the basis of this indicator has proven its practical efficiency.

Examples of the indicator operation on different timeframes:

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