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TBE Bands

The ultimate precision trading tool, the TBE Bands is more than just an indicator. When this indicator is loaded onto a chart, it automatically collects all available data on the pair it is dropped on. It then runs statistical analysis on that data, finds the normal trading range, then calculates the probability of a bar exceeding its normal range by two factors. Once the indicator finishes the calculation algorithms, the bands are plotted and the results from the statistical analysis appear in the upper left hand side of the chart.

For example, you want to buy EURUSD at a good price. The indicator's analytical algorithm informs you that the probability of price exceeding the blue line is only 9%. That means by buying there, you have 91% chance of being right. There is only a 9% chance of price declining much further, and you are able to put the edge very well in your favor when it comes to choosing where to open positions.

This indicator gives the trader a HUGE edge based on hard statistical data, and works on any chart and timeframe. While it is priced fairly high, if you understand the EDGE that this indicator gives you, then you understand that this indicator is an absolute steal at any price.

Happy trading!

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