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The indicator works on any currency pairs. The timeframe is ​​M5, the expiration time is 5-15 minutes.

A possible signal is specified as a thick dot above/under a candle. Wait till the candle with the dot closes. The signal condition: the dot remains on the previous candle and the arrow appears at the opening of a new one.

Arrows are not re-painted and appear only when a new candle appears! You can test the indicator in the strategy tester.

  • Trading session: any (24 hours);
  • Currency pairs: any;
  • Timeframe: ​​M5;
  • Expiration: 5-15 minutes (recommended expiration: 5 minutes).

The indicator features the tester. To show the test results, set ShowTestResults = true and specify the tester period in the indicator parameters. The indicator is designed for binary options. If a signal arrow predicts the market direction correctly, such a signal is considered profitable and marked as "Win" in the tester. Otherwise, the signal is considered to be losing and marked as "Loss". If after the expiration, the option's close and open prices are equal, such a signal is considered as a draw and marked as "Tied". The built-in tester shows the win rate and the number of profitable, losing and tied signals based on the market data of the test period.


  • AlertMessage = true/false - signal alert text message;
  • AlertSound = true/false - alert sound;
  • ShowTestResults = true/false - enable/disable the built-in tester;
  • DateFrom - initial date for the tester;
  • DateTo - final date for the tester;
  • Expiration Time = 5/10/15 minutes - signals expiration time for the tester;
  • Trade Size - rate size for calculating the balance growth of the tested period;
  • Payout Percentage - broker payout percentage for calculating the balance growth of the tested period.
Ebenezer Babatope
Ebenezer Babatope 2018.03.22 23:02 

Nice indicator, but BinarySniper is slightly better.

Przemyslaw Szwed
Przemyslaw Szwed 2017.12.09 13:19   

use 3 of his indicators 604-500 so far. Shit. Tester results are much different than reality. Cheater. Do not answer me anymore. Rat.