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Indie MasterEA

Indie MasterEA is a Utility expert advisor NOT created TO TRADE but created purposely for order ORDER MANAGEMENTS, although it is created to complement its twin-brother - Indicator named "Femade Indie" to manage its order adequately, but can also be used with all Manual Trading Systems because of the nature of its operations and usefulness. Its work is to instantly and automatically set your profit and risk levels immediately you open an order as predefined by you in the parameter settings and when the price has moved into the positive in favor of the user, it starts the execution of trailing stop in order to protect the already-made profits in your trades and at the same time minimize the risks. In short, it maintains the managements of all your orders if installed in the virtual private server consistently without interruptions.

Works great managing your trades by trailing a positive trade to protect what you have already made and simultaneously reducing your risks as your profits grow. You can use it in Virtual Private Server for maximum performances. In short as I have mentioned above, it will not trade for you but only manages your opened orders in a way that will give you satisfactions and smooth trading experiences.

Time Frame: It works with any time frame you desire to place your trade, no restriction whatsoever.

Currency Pair

It also works fine on all currency pairs with no exception whether stocks, forex, metals or commodities. It is configured to work on any currency with different digits whether 3, 4 or 5 digits broker currencies. This expert advisor has no problem with geographical location neither can it be affected by time factors as defined by any geographical location. Can be used by any cadre of trader whether newbie, intermediate or professional, it is actually an indispensable trading tools to possess in any trader's arsenal for stress-free trading experiences.

Parameter settings

It has just a few features in the parameter settings to make it less complex to be used. Below are the parameter settings that can be used by any trader whether professionals, newbies or intermediates.

  • Take Profit - Take Profit or leave as 0.0
  • Stop Loss - Put Stop loss or leave as 0.0 for Auto-Stop
  • Safe Gap - Safe Gap for Auto-Stop (This is additional points added to our stop-loss to make room for price retests).
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop or leave as 0. Trailing Stop point with which to trail the price when it has moved into positive and reached the number we have set as threshold for trailing or leave as 0.0 to disable

It is a great but simple expert for stress-less trade managements and monitoring for good rewards.

That is all about this expert, use it with confidence and enjoy yourself.


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Versión 1.1 2017.01.20
Some changes that took place were:

1. Breakeven was added to reduce the Trader's risks.

2. Safe-gap bug was removed, now it can add safe-gap to auto-stop loss pretty well.

3. Current Spread points was also added on the screen by the right where other info are presented to inform the Trader of the current spread so that he/she can make informed decision if he/she will still take the trade irrespective of the killer/unbearable spread due to market volatility or widening of spread by the Brokers.