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Volatility Strength

Volatility Strength Indicator is part of a series of indicators used to characterize market conditions.

Almost any strategy only work under certain market conditions.

Therefore it is important to be able to characterize market conditions at any time: trend direction, trend strength, volatility, etc..

Volatility Strength is an indicator to be used to characterize volatility of asset:

  • high volatility
  • medium volatility
  • low volatility

Volatility Strength Indicator displays easy to read information about asset volatility.

Indicator inputs are:

  • HighLevel: level considered as high volatility
  • LowLevel: level considered as low volatility

These inputs can be used to make some personal adjustment in the indicator and increase or reduce sensitivity of indicator.

The indicator can be used with any class of assets: Forex, Equities, Commodities, Futures.

Indicator can be used with any time frame.

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