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X Trax mt4

X-Trax is a utility to make manual or signal trading easier by maintaining orders with auto adding

  • breakeven
  • trailing stop - with offset price choice - similar to break even
  • take profit
  • stop loss
  • trailing pending orders - which makes entry into trade more favorable
  • spread indicator

This tool is especially useful to scalpers, since it offers one click trading and rest is auto maintained. It will not disrupt any other EA running. It is fully compatible with ECN brokers. It can be used with any other EA or to supplement any other trade opened by EA or provided signal by choosing: -manual (opened trades) OR all (manual,ea,signal -opened trades)


Stop loss and Take profit

  • order scope - default manual, type all if you want for all orders new take profit and stop loss
  • AllowOldOrders - choose true or false
  • NewStopLoss - adding new stop loss once the trade is live
  • NewTakeProfit - adding new take profit once the trade is live

Trailing stop

  • order scope - manual or all if you want orders of any type to be trailed
  • tStopPips - how many pips in profit must be to start trailing
  • tStepPips - how many pips is step
  • tStartPips - how many pips in profit is guaranteed to start trailing from

Trailing pending orders

  • LimitsOrStops - default stops
  • tDistancePips - how many pips to trail and keep distance from current price till the price comes down or up
  • tStepPips - how many pips to step order

Break even Point

  • OnProfitPips - how many pips in profit order should be to put break even level
  • BEPoffsetPips - how many pips in profit should be put breakeven level
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