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News hedging EA

This is a news trading hedging Expert Advisor. If you prefer news trading, then this EA is what you need.

The EA places two orders in two directions at the specified time. As soon as one order is opened, the opposite pending order is opened. This opposite order can have a multiplied lot, its volume can be increased or no additional actions can be applied.

Order modification with reverse rollback is possible. If there are no significant movements up or down, the order will not be opened.

You can set three trading times for each day. The EA uses server time, you can also choose to use local time (Time Local), modify time if necessary (Manual offset time (hh)).

Study carefully the EA parameters in order to set it up properly.


  • Time Local - use local time. "1"- use, "0"- don't use.
  • Manual offset time - in hours (hh).
  • Every day. the start time - trading start time (hhmm). To cancel set to "0".
  • Each day. end time - trading end time (hhmm). Deleting pending orders and closing open ones. To cancel set to "0".
  • Monday - "1"- work on Monday, "0"- don't work.
  • MonStartTime1 - 1 start time (hhmm).
  • MonEndTime1 - 1 end time (hhmm).
  • MonStartTime2 - 2 start time (hhmm).
  • MonEndTime2 - 2 end time (hhmm).
  • MonStartTime3 - 3 start time (hhmm).
  • MonEndTime3 - 3 end time (hhmm).

MonStartTime1, 2, 3=0 - if no time is set, the EA will trade the whole day.

(Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday - parameters are the same as for Monday.

  • Modify Order - "0" - modification unavailable, "1" - orders can be modified.
  • Order distance from the current price - from 5 to 500 points.
  • Dounce back - from 5 to 500 points.
  • Stop Loss - from 0 to 200 points.
  • Stop Loss trom level bezubytka - breakeven level, from 0 to 200 points.
  • Slipage - slippage from 0 to 100 points.
  • Rounding volume - lot multiplier for an opposite order, "0"- no increase, "1"- add volume, "2.3.4..."- multiplier. Multiplies by the number specified in Rounding volume, from 0 to 10.
  • Volume Percentage - lot as % of the current equity.
  • Volume max - maximum lot.
  • The magic number of warrants - magic number of orders.
  • Color panel - choose color.

The EA does not work on all symbols, so test it in the Strategy Tester first.

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