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Divergence MTF

Multi-timeframe indicator Divergence MTF

This indicator shows divergences/convergences of price chart and author's indicators on several timeframes.

For your convenience, we have added arrow UP to BUY and arrow DOWN to SELL. Also, this indicator can be used for reversal signals or a strong correction (when using D1 and above).

My team have used divergences to trade in market for a long time, and its has been proved to be only on the positive side.

Attention! This indicator does not repaint, its signals are not changed after MetaTrader reboot.



  • Periods to find divergence - Choice of timeframe, you need to write it with ";"
  • Show arrows on the chart - Show arrows on chart
  • CCI Period - Indicator CCI period 
  • T3 Period - Indicator T3 period
  • Position on chart - Choice of indicator's position 
  • Font size - Size of indicator's text
  • colorUp - Color of arrow UP
  • colorDown - Color of arrow DOWN
  • Color Inside Bar - Color of arrow (when it shows strong signal)
  • Alerts - Alert ON/OFF
  • Sound - Sound when alert is ON 
rainwalker123 2017.03.27 03:26 

Laser accurate indicator. Plots arrows in 5Min chart at an early stage, to get the best possible profit and exit at the right time.

Exit can be when a new arrow appears from Short to Long for example.

I recommend 5 Min chart an higher.

He doesnt plot arrows from the past, but where the price is heading.

If you start the indicator, you will not see any arrows on screen, only when the time is right.

Best arrow indicator I have ever seen anywhere. Patience is very important.

Getting those signals with EMAIL in the future, would be the greatest.


Versión 1.1 2017.04.17
1) Added arrows from higher timeframes with setup of color and width
2) Added email notification