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Signalman state trading positions

The utility is designed for traders who want to know what happens to their orders anytime and anywhere. After configuring the informer parameters, you will be able to receive notifications of such events as opening buy and sell orders, as well as placing/removal of pending orders. You will also know their outcomes. Launch the informer on any symbol to stay in touch with trading events on all financial instruments. The utility supports Russian and English languages.


  • set_Alert - display the message window. Enabled by default;
  • set_PlaySound - play an audio file. Disabled by default;
  • set_PlaySoundWave - audio file name. The default is alert.wav;
  • set_Print - show a message in the journal. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendNotification - send push notifications to mobile terminals having appropriate MetaQuotes IDs. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendMail - send emails using an address specified on the Email tab. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendFTP - send a file to an address specified on the FTP tab. Disabled by default.
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