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Mercury Hedger

The Mercury Hedger EA is a trend scalper EA with elements of hedging. The standard parameters are optimized for trading the EURUSD M5 currency pair with the deposit of $10,000. The minimum deposit is $1000, provided the use of the starting lot of 0.01.


EntrySettings - entry parameters

  • EntryType: type of entry (A, B, C) - the traded PriceAction pattern;
  • UseEntryReverse: reverse entry;
  • UseTrendFilter: use confirmation from trend indicator;
  • OpenOnNewBar: open new position only at the opening of a new bar;

MoneyManagementSettings - money management parameters

  • Profit: amount of profit in the deposit currency, when reached, all positions are closed;
  • ProfitType: type of profit:
    • PerAvLot - profit in the deposit currency per one opened lot on the basis of the average number of opened lots;
    • PerTotalLots - profit in the deposit currency per one opened lot on the basis of the total number of opened lots;
    • Absolute - profit in the deposit currency;
  • InitialLot: initial lot;
  • InitialLotType: initial trade volume calculation type (Fixed, Auto);
  • BalanceForInitialLot: minimum account balance for initial lot for InitialLotType=Auto;
  • AbsoluteProfitLimit: maximum profit in account currency for PerAvLot, PerTotalLot modes;
  • LotFactor: lot increase coefficient;
  • LotManagementType: lot increase type:
    • Multiply - multiplication by LotFactor;
    • Increase - addition to LotFactor;
  • MaximumDrawdownInPercents: the maximum drawdown (if 0, closure by maximum drawdown is inactive);
  • DrawdownExitType: action when reaching the maximum drawdown:
    • ExitByHedge - place a hedging order and stop trading;
    • ExitByClose - close all positions and continue trading;

GridSettings - parameters for managing the hedging grid

  • StepInPips: grid step in pips (automatic calculation for four and five digit quotes);
  • UseStopOrders: use pending stop orders for entering (otherwise the hedging entries will be performed by market one the price reaches the level);

MiscellaneousSettings - Miscellaneous

  • SlippageInPips: slippage in pips (automatic calculation for four and five digit quotes);
  • Magic: order identifier;

ScheduleSettings - schedule

  • StartHour: operation start hour;
  • EndHour: operation end hour (inclusive);
  • MondayStartHour: operation start hour on Monday;
  • FridayEndHour: operation end hour on Friday;

User interface

The EA info window - "Current settings"

The title bar contains the name of the EA and its version, for example: "Hedger.Mercury v1.05".

The window contains information on the following settings:

  • Lot: initial lot;
  • Mult: lot multiplier (in case the increase by summation is used, the field will be named Inc);
  • Grid: step of the hedging grid in pips;
  • Magic: order identifier;
  • Profit: value of take profit in deposit currency. If the calculation per average lot is used, the " /av" suffix will be added, in case the calculation per total lot is used, the " /tot" suffix will be used;
  • DD: the maximum drawdown, the "hedge" suffix will be added in case the action upon reaching ExitByHedge is specified;

The EA info window - "Info"

The window displays the following information:

  • Time: local (Local), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), broker time (Broker), time until the next candle is opened (Next);
  • Spread: current spread;
  • Lots: the total number of opened lots;
  • Profit: current profit in the deposit currency and as a percentage;

The EA window - "Trade"

The trading panel is designed for opening orders manually (BUY and SELL buttons), as well as force-closing all positions (CLOSE ALL, CLOSE PROFIT, CLOSE LOSS buttons).

The EA window - "Entry control"

Controls for managing entries:

  • The "ON/MNT/OFF" button is for temporarily disabling new entries (the button at the top left corner of the title bar). The button has three states:
    • ON: New entries and position maintenance allowed;
    • MNT: Only maintenance of the current position is allowed (after it closes, new entries will not be made);
    • OFF: New entries and maintenance prohibited;
  • "AT" indicator - Automated trading indicator (if automatic trade is prohibited, the indicator will flash);
  • Countdown timer serves for setting time to switch the "ON/MNT/OFF" button to "ON" state;
  • Reset/Start/Stop - reset, start and stop the timer;
sunnychow 2019.03.17 15:33 

Thanks for share

Versión 1.15 2016.11.22
1) Added settings for automatic selection of the initial lot, depending on the balance (InitialLotType, BalanceForInitialLot);
2) Added AbsoluteProfitLimit setting, working in PerAverageLot, PerTotalLots modes. Setting limits the maximum level of the calculated profit in the deposit currency;
3) Added automatic calculation LotFactor (only for Increase mode) when automatic calculation of initial lots mode enabled.