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The AlexTrend indicator generates signals at the breakthrough of support and resistance lines, as well as at he channel breakthrough. The indicator is very easy to use: green arrow means buy, while red one - sell. It does not require additional configuration or optimization. Simply launch it on a chart. It shows the best results the on H1 timeframe. The indicator is suitable for any currency pair. It can also be used to trade long-term binary options.

The signals do not repaint.


  • Alerts - enable/disable the alert function.
  • Notifications - enable/disable push-notifications.
  • Message - edit the header of alert messages
  • SignalDelay - number of candles, after which an alert window and a push notification appear (0 - the current candle, 1 - the next one etc.)
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Versión 2.0 2017.03.31
Added link to developer's webstite