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The robot applies the scalping strategy based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. Trading is performed by pending orders in the direction of a breakout.

Each trade is protected by two stop losses (standard and virtual ones).

Taking profit

The EA features the built-in multi-level trailing stop. Level 1 is a breakeven, level 2 is a partial take profit, level 3 starts working as a standard trailing stop.

Besides, there are two more trailing stop types:

  1. A common trailing stop with step 1, for example, TrailingStop=20 with a step of 1 pip.
  2. A trailing stop with a step equal to TrailingStop (TrailingStop=20, TrailingStep=20).

Trading tools

I recommend using the following:

EURUSD; GBPUSD; USDJPY; AUDUSD; USDCAD; USDCHF; EURJPY. Maximum spread for these symbols should not exceed 10 points.

GOLD (XAUUSD) – maximum spread not more than 15 points.


  • TF – timeframe used for calculations
  • Use_Trade_Time – trade at certain hours only
  • Time_Start – hour to start trading
  • Time_Stop – hour to stop trading
  • Dist – distance in pips from an order placing price
  • StopLoss – stop loss
  • TakeProfit – take profit
  • Life_Time_First – pending order lifetime
  • MaxRisk – percentage of the deposit (risk per trade)
  • MaxLots – maximum lots
  • Сomment – order comment
  • Sound – use sound
  • Sound_Name – sound name
  • Slippage – slippage
  • Magic_NumberB – unique EA index (buy)
  • Magic_NumberS – unique EA index


More detailed instructions on all parameters, tips for using on real accounts, as well as ready-made setting files will be sent to purchasers only.

Thank you for understanding!

Monitoring of accounts can be found HERE.

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