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The WilliyAccelerator5 is a modified version of the famous indicator by Bill Williams - Accelerator Oscilator. It is convenient in that the indicator signals are now displayed directly on the chart as arrows. Also added the feature of sending Alerts and push notifications. It is possible to monitor the signals from the higher timeframe. The indicator does not require additional customization and it does not redraw.

The signals do not repaint.

Input Parameters

  • Alerts - enable/disable sending Alerts
  • Notifications - enable/disable sending push notifications
  • SignalDelay - the candle to display the signal (0-current candle, 1-first closed candle and so on)
  • MajorTimeframe - selection of the higher timeframe
  • MajorAlerts - enable Alert for the higher timeframe, yes/no
  • MajorNotifications - enable notifications for the higher timeframe, yes/no

For correct operation, it is necessary for the higher timeframe to be greater than the current.

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Versión 2.0 2017.03.31
Added link to developer's webstite