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This is a small, but very useful indicator that shows the day of the week and time of the required bar. Run the indicator, move your mouse on the chart, and a text label and information will be displayed in the window. The indicator can work in the strategy tester, which makes it indispensable for the analysis of Expert Advisors, because downloaded quotes may contain weekend candlesticks. Now you do not have to look into the calendar and manually search for the desired day of the week corresponding to the required time.

In the Strategy Tester, choosing the crosshairs is more convenient, but it is possible to enable the display of a vertical line. You can also select the language of information.


  • YourLanguage - select the language of displayed information (English/Russian)
  • DrawVerticalLine - enable/disable the vertical line (true/false)
  • ColorVerticalLine - the color of the vertical line (true/false)
  • TextColor - the color of the text on labels
  • TextSize - font size
  • Corner - the corner of the chart to display the information text
  • YDistance - distance between text labels
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