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Price Alerter MT5

The Price Alerter for MetaTrader 5 is a simple and intuitive indicator for monitoring the price breakouts. Each indicator added to the chart creates its own horizontal line - that way each line has its own settings: name, chart, style, width, signals and is processed by the indicator that called it.

The newly created lines are initially inactive, they are activated after the user moves and places them. The indicator automatically determines the expected direction of the placed line breakout depending on its position relative to the current price. The indicator features advanced features for breakout alerts.

The МТ4 version is available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/17674


  • NameLine - unique name for the line
  • ColorActive - active line color
  • ActiveLineStyle - active line style
  • ColorInactive - inactive line color
  • InactiveLineStyle - inactive line style
  • LineWidth - line width
  • DisplayAlerts - display signal alerts (true/false)
  • AlertTotal - the number of signal repetitions
  • AlertTimeOut - timeout for sending breakout alerts (in seconds)
  • SoundAlerts - sound alert (true/false)
  • SoundFile - sound file for alerts (in the Sounds folder, default - alert.wav)
  • NotificationAlert - send push-notifications on signals (true/false)
  • TextNotification - text of push-notifications
  • SendEmail - send email messages on signals (true/false)
  • MailSubject - email subject, if SendEmail = true
  • MailText - email text, if SendEmail = true
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