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Denderit Scalper

Denderit Scalper is a multi-currency Expert Advisor which works on many symbols and M1 or M5 timeframe.

The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies like Martingale. The EA works with take profit, Elman Neural Network and and do not use stop loss.

It can also be used on other major pairs.

The Expert Advisor is based on 42 input nodes and 2 output nodes of a neural network and the sigmoid function of their automatic learning on real trading. Trading is performed on almost every candle. Denderit Scalper learns by history candle and predicts the next candle.

Special attention should be given to the output node. It uses a separate layer of the neural network and makes better predictions if there is a confirmation that the trend changed and the price will not return again.


  • Needs at least 1:500 leverage.
  • You can begin to use it with $1000 only.
  • The used timeframe is M1 or M5.


  • lot: number of lots.
  • TakeProfit: take profit level.
  • MaxSpread: maximum spread to limit spread allowed to trade.
  • Slippage: permissible slippage for opening an order.
  • max_order: The maximum total of orders
  • Min_Margin_leve: Minimal Account margin level in percents for no transactions
Cristian Eriksson
Cristian Eriksson 2017.05.05 07:43 

I wouldn't call this a fully auomated robot as there is no riskcontrol what so ever. It can easely wipe out a quite large account on a bullish newsday. I would rather see it as a tool that you can use and make a lot of money from, if you know for sure that the market is bearish. It's a risky but fun gimmik to have in your trading arsenal:) If the neuro is helping, not sure. Feels more like a monkey pressing sell on each and every new bar.

Versión 1.35 2016.09.05
Money management improvements
Versión 1.30 2016.08.24
New parameters:

max_order = The maximum total of orders
Min_Margin_level = Minimal Account margin level in percents for no transactions