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Automatic is an autonomous trading system that allows to free the trader from the manual trading routine. The EA determines the price pressure areas, when the speculators are trying to enter the "gone train", and the big players are taking profits.

The EA calculation is based on the pivot levels, Price-Action patterns on the H4 and D1 timeframes and some other indicators.

Sometimes it can use the averaging with a "fan" step, i.e. the first averaging after 'Step' points, the second one after Step*2, the third one after Step*3 and so on. As a rule, the need for averaging orders does not occur often.

Automatic adjustment to 4- and 5-digit quotes.

Working timeframe is from M15, the default settings are for the EURUSD currency pair.


  • The risk of an order - risk per trade as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Trading lot - lot size, if Risk is set to 0;
  • Lot Modifier - multiplier for averaging orders;
  • Step - step between the first and second orders;
  • Take profit in pips - the EA closes all orders when this number of points in profit is reached;
  • Continuous fractals - the number of continuous fractals in a row;
  • Minimum channel width - the minimum channel width for opening orders;
  • Period - period of the Bolinger Bands;
  • Shift- shift of the Bolinger Bands;
  • Deviations- deviation - period of the Bolinger Bands.
  • Next are the visual settings that do not affect the trading.
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