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Nibbler FX

Nibbler FX is a half-scalper half-grid EA that analyzes the market using the price movement speed.

This Expert Advisor is intended for trading EURUSD, however it can run on other popular currency pairs, such as GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and others.

Not bound to any timeframe.


  • Lotrisk - Enable automatic calculation of the lot.
  • Risk - lot is chosen automatically on the basis of the balance.
  • Lot - Fixed lot.
  • VirtTrailingStop - distance at which the Stop Loss will be trailed following the current price, but only if the positions is profitable.
  • Magicnum - - Magic number to identify orders.
  • comment - order comment.
  • MaxSpread - Maximum spread.
  • Slippage - slippage value.
  • Point - price change rate in points per unit of time;
  • second - the time interval, during which the price is changed, set in seconds;
  • Max_orders - the maximum number of orders in the grid.
  • Levels - the distance between the orders in the grid in points.

An increased spread of 30 points is used in the strategy tester.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 05:53 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!

Naobisan 2018.01.03 22:38 

Не рекомендую людям с плохим интернетом.

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.25 08:25 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Benoit Blais
Benoit Blais 2016.05.11 16:30 

Je ne crois pas que c'est une bonne stratégie pour le court ou long terme. Le robot transige durant la forte volatilité, donc slippage et le spread deviennent élevé. Dans des conditions de trading idéal, ce robot serait formidable.