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FW ATR plus

Fully automated Expert Advisor which trades based on breakthroughs of local price extremums. Support and resistance levels are calculated according to the closest fractals. Additional filtering of signals can be performed by the TrendLineColor indicator, if the corresponding mode is enabled. Each open position is protected by a stop order, calculated based on the TrendLineColor indicator. The EA implements a customizable three stage trade trailing system - combined, using the algorithm of moving to breakeven; non-standard, using the modification algorithm; and position closing using additional signals of the RBCI_hist indicator. Each stage has individual independent settings, which allows to minimize the trade drawdown. The take profit of the trades is set by the trader. It is possible to select the trading direction in the EA, and also to set the time intervals for trading during the day.

The EA functionality was designed for ECN accounts and the EURUSD pair, but it can work with any accounts and on any currency pair.

Expert Advisor Parameters

  • A1 = "Select the trading mode";
    • BuyTrading - allow trading in the BUY direction. "true" - trading is enabled.
    • SellTrading - allow trading in the SELL direction. "true" - trading is enabled.
    • Filter_ATR - Enable signal filtering using the TrendLineColor indicator. "true" - filter enabled. ModeClose_RBCI - Enable closing order according to the signals of the RBCI_hist indicator. "true" - this mode is enabled.
  • A2 = "Trade volume.";
    • Lots - The size of contract, If Risk = 0.
    • Risk - The size of contract as a percentage of free margin.
  • A3 = "Take Profit parameters";
    • TakeProfit - Take profit in points.
  • A4 = "Trading mode settings";
    • WorkTF - The timeframe to calculate the support/resistance levels in minutes.
    • SignalCloseTF - The timeframe to calculate the signals of the RBCI_hist indicator in minutes.
    • TrailingStopTF - The timeframe to calculate the trailing stop in minutes.
    • ModeTrailingStop - enable the mode of order protection by trailing stop. "true" - the mode is enabled.
    • ModeBreakEven - Enable the mode of moving the orders to breakeven. "true" - the mode is enabled.
    • DistanceBE - Breakeven distance in points. const_Spread - The maximum spread on a calm market - specified by the trader in points.
    • koef - Coefficient for calculation of the distance when moving orders to breakeven.
  • A5 = "Other Parameters";
    • MagicNumber - Unique identifier.
    • iComment - Comment to orders.
    • OpenOrderSound - Sound signal
    • kStopLevel - The minimum allowed level to place stop loss/take profit from the current price in points. For ECN accounts =0.
  • A6 = "EA operation time parameters"; // Specified according to the terminal time. All-0 - 24/7 operation of the EA.
    • TimeBegin - EA operation start time.
    • TimeEnd - EA operation end time.
  • A7 = "ATR settings";
    • ATR_Period - ATR period.
    • kATR - ATR influence ratio.
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