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Close Orders

Close Orders is a fast and convenient way to close the orders opened by other EA's or manually, and also all orders at once.

Distinctive features of Close Orders:

  • Easy to configure;
  • Works fast;
  • Does not require a lot of computing resources.

Input Parameters

  • MagicNumber - magic number of the orders to close, 0 - opened manually, -1 - all orders;
  • Close Ordesr? - permission to close, Yes - close.


It is widely used for closing a large number of orders, and also when it is necessary to selectively close orders of only some experts. Greatly facilitates the process of testing trading strategies in real-time, whether it is a signal subscription or an expert, real or demo account.

Attention! Before allowing closing, make sure the EA that opened orders is disabled and will not open them again.

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