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Slide Chart

This indicator creates a real slide show.

It is very useful to check your strategies without doing even a click.

Put the indicator on a chart, it will create a new chart where the slide show will be run.

On this chart, you can load a template and a timeframe to your liking.

The slide runs through all symbols in input.

You can stop/restart the slide show with a button on the chart where the indicator is launched.


  • Timer_In_Seconds = 10 (every TOT seconds the chart is switched to the next symbol)
  • TimeFrame to open chart = 1440 (timeframe to open on new chart)
  • User Template to add on ALL chart opened (Template to charge saved on MT4 folders)
  • 28 symbol (if NULL, the indicator will go to the next)
  • Text_Color=White (rectangle and label colors)
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