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OrderManager plus

OrderManager Plus upgrades Metatrader4 to a new level of productivity and gives many new functions, which will simplify your everyday trading.

Your personal automatic trading system does:

  • calculate and generate the order size that matches the risk in percentage you have put in. (FOREX ONLY!)
  • automatically delete orders, if the rate hits the level you have put in.
  • set the stop loss to breakeven, if the first target or the rate you have set is hit
  • display the current spread and risk/loss ratio

To set the stop loss and take profit you just have to click the matching buttons and afterwards left-click in the chart with a rate of your convenience.

Then put in the wanted percentage of risk, the additional gap to stop loss / take profit and the amount of targets, by clicking the buttons for the respective values (input via keyboard and confirm your changes with the „Return“ key)

By clicking the „Risk/Reward“ button you can show the current state of your risk/reward ratio.

To confirm your order press „Create Order“ and it will be created with the wanted amount of targets.

After that you set the „Expiry Price“ (it defines at which price the order will be deleted) and the breakeven value by clicking on the associated buttons and adding a horizontal line. The height of the line can be altered via drag and drop and deleted with the „DEL“ key.

By clicking the „Pair / Target“ buttons you can switch through the existing orders.

Use Ctrl+F12 to make the button overlay of Order Manager Plus visible / invisible.

Parameters of OrderManager Plus:

  • amount_orderpairs - 2 by default.
  • micro_pip - pipmode. true by default.
  • hide_objects - hide button on startup. true by default.
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Versión 1.10 2016.05.20
simplified sell/buy-button (ordertype is picked by ea)