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Acc NewTrade

Hello, recently I was commissioned to develop an interesting indicator based on a classic "Pin Bar" strategy with some modifications by the author. After I redesigned it, I also added several filters. This resulted in a good indicator, which makes it easier to find market entries in the early stages of its reversal.

The indicator shows good signals both at small and at large timeframes.

Some features:

  • the signals are given on "Pin Bars", which indicate a trend reversal
  • with the help of the filters, only the best "Pin Bars" are selected for the signals
  • does not redraw on closed bars
  • optimum operation algorithm, therefore the terminal does not "freeze"

Sell signals only appear above the МА ± ATR×Coeff channel, and the buy signals occur only below the МА ± ATR×Coeff channel

Input Parameters:

  • Filter 1: Maximum of Bars - signal "Pin Bar', must be the extremum for the specified amount of bars
  • Filter 2: MA Period - МА period for the channel calculation
  • Filter 2: ATR Period - the Average True Range indicator period for the channel calculation
  • Filter 2: ATR Coeff - ATR value multiplier for the channel width correction

Download the trial version for free and test the indicator in your strategy tester. That way you will make sure that the indicator will actually be useful to you.

Thank you for using the indicator, suggestions for improving the indicator are appreciated.

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forextrader147 2016.11.17 11:09   

"I decided to buy this indicator and i still use it for my trading. Well done!"

Tevita Finau
Tevita Finau 2016.03.05 12:24   

too many false signal and I dont know why you sale this useless indicator. It is like 50/50 chance so I have to gamble like in the casino.

Alexander Pivtsaev
Alexander Pivtsaev 2016.01.09 08:08 

Индикатор мне понравился, отлично дополнил мою ТС!

Versión 1.1 2016.06.14
Added a quick parameter changing panel, now the indicator usage is more convenient.
Added parameter "Use Panel?". If set to 'false' the quick parameter changing panel is not displayed.