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EMO LITE Robust Strategies

The EMO-Lite EA is automatic Forex multi strategy, multi timeframe and advanced order management from open until exit order timing. This consist 4 different strategy inside. Moderate frequencies trades and semi scalping. This EA is easy to use, easy to set up, and is built with high standard for surviving the market LONGEST to meet your Profit Objective Goals.

You will not need to fine tune in this (Lite version). It uses standard optimum setting

  • No floating trade more than (-50) pips each trade
  • Have Hard SL, have virtual TP and SL
  • No martingale.
  • No semimartingale
  • No grid trading.
  • No arbitrage.
  • No curve fitting according to backtest results.

User Setting

  1. Before start the EA make sure you change your desktop/laptop/vps local time to UTC (0) zone with DST OFF.
  2. Recommended Pair is CADCHF. other pair such EURCHF, EURCAD, AUDCHF, AUDCAD, but in LITE version, not recommend trade multiple pair. Maximum 2 pair is enough to have good results and still maintain the drawdown low.
  3. Recommended Timeframe is attach at M30 or H1


  • useMM: true/false
  • Buy/sellmtd: there several setting fill with number 0:Simple, 1: Exponential, 2: Smoothed, 3: Linear Weighted ( Current setting is optimum change it unless you do intensive backtest with 99% quality tick data. Test with 90% or less have very different result).
  • Buy/sellLots : If useMM=false, Fill your Lots size ( Recommended lots is If Initial Balance <$500 à 0.01 lots, If Initial Balance $500 - $1000 à 0.01 – 0.03 Lots, If Initial Balance $1000 - $10000 à 0.03 – 0.3. Its for surviving and still good results in longterm run.
  • BalanceRiskPercent: If useMM=true, Fill your Risk Recommended is 5% - 30%. Its for surviving and still good results in longterm run. NOTE : if you trade on 2 pairs and your objective is 20% then you set at first pair is 10% and second pair is 10%. Recommended using max 2 pairs only in LITE version
  • Maxspread 187/188/20/58/120/123/127/192: Spread Filter Condition for Entry ( Recommend use 4 pips – 6 Pips )
  • Maxspread 199: Spread Filter Condition for Exit ( Recommend use 2 pips – 3 Pips)
  • Buy/SellStoploss: Hard SL
  • Buy/SellTakeprofit: Hard TP
  • virtual stoploss: adjust for your need, hidden SL must be lower than hard SL
  • virtual Takeprofit: hidden and must be lower than hard TP

For Customer:

PM/email author for setting recommendation.


  1. This EA not compatible with US broker with NFA rule. So avoid it Since EA using multiple strategy.
  2. Set your desktop/laptop/VPS local time to UTC (0) zone with DST OFF. The EA trade based on your PC/VPS Local Time with DST OFF.
  3. Recommended Leverage account minimum 1:200 and maximum 1:500
  4. Strongly recommend that you use this EA at VPS Hosting 24/7 since the EA have virtual SL/TP.

Version comparison

LITE Version PRO Version
Consist 4 strategy inside Consist of 8 strategy Inside
Recommended diversification up to 2 pairs Suitable for diversification up to 6 pairs

Backtest and Analysis

This Strategy pass Robustness test:

  1. Backetest with 99% quality backtest TICK data minimum 9 years.
  2. Still good results on different pair
  3. Still good results on different timeframe
  4. Still good results with Monte carlo stress test (randomized and skip order more than 20%, randomized broker spread from 2 pips until 6 pips scenario)
  5. Good distribution of profit per month
  6. Good Return/Drawdown Ratio
  7. Super SQN (Strategy Quality Number) for better position sizing Money Management Strategy

From Author

I am Fajar Alam, trade forex for 9 years and student at university, after resign for my parttime job at investment firm, this is my first move to make my little own investment firm and real account. So I must sell my strategy (EA) for 30 copies only for start built my own little firm. And of course I will support my new 30 friends of mind that buy my strategy for Lifetime. And then never sell this EA again, just rent option maybe.

Only buy EA that have deeply analysis and backtest minimum 9 years with 99% quality TICK data and use high spread above 2 pips for test (Good strategies still survive and profitable with high spread test).

I have some monitoring EA in MQL5 community, here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/bangjejefx/seller

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