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Forex Advisor Advisor using multiple strategies on the basis of the price velocity. It is adjusted for 4- and 5-digit quotes. It is run on multiple currency pairs, the magic number is the same. The EA is recommended for use on: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF. The Expert Advisor analyzes the current market behavior and adapts to it by adjusting the pending order placing levels. Trades are closed by a total profit or by trailing stop. The EA can work at a preset time, after which no new orders will be placed and unactivated orders will be deleted. The EA can work on any currency pair. All timeframes are supported. The EA opens deals in Market Execution mode. Take Profit is added after order activation and is modified in accordance with the EA settings. VSP is required for flawless operation, minimum deposit is 1000 units of the base currency. Timeframe does not matter.


  • TimeStart — trading start time;
  • TimeFinish — trading end time;
  • Magic — magic number;
  • Com — a comment to trades;
  • EquityPercent — risk percentage per deal for trading lot calculation, if = 0 then ManualLots;
  • ManualLots — initial trading lot if EquityPercent = 0;
  • TakeProfit — take profit;
  • StopLoss — enable/disable equity based stop loss;
  • EquityRisk — equity drawdown for the stop loss;
  • MultiStart — the number of marker orders to start trading lot multiplier;
  • Multiplikator — trading lot multiplier;
  • MaxLots — maximum lot;
  • Distance — distance from the price to place pending orders;
  • Step — pending order placing step;
  • MaxTrades — maximum number of market orders;
  • TimerStart — the number of pending orders to start order modification timer;
  • TimerMinutes — pending order modification timer to make it follow the price, in minutes;
  • NumberAttempts — number of attempts to place an order;
  • PauseSeconds — pause between attempts;
  • TrailingStart — number of points to start trailing;
  • TrailingStep — Trailing Stop step;
  • ShowInfo — display/hide information on the trading;
  • Languages — language of the displayed trading data;
  • TextColor — displayed data color.
  • BuyClr — the color of the Buy icon.
  • SellClr — the color of the Sell icon.
Qing Long Yang
Qing Long Yang 2015.11.05 01:55 

Good EA