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Candle Force EA

Candle Force Expert advisor does not use any standard indicators. The EA starts operation / order by observing the strength of price movements in a candle.

You can use this EA on all timeframe with same result.

In default settings this EA uses multiple pending orders with different Take profit and same StopLoss.

The Candle Force EA  will be more effective if run when high impact news has to be released


  1. Fast execution broker.
  2. Good VPS with ping less than 30 msec.
  3. Minimum deposit is $100
  4. Leverage 1:300 and higher

Input Parameters

  • MagicNumber: Any number that differs from other EA's numbers running at the same time.
  • Name: Custom comment to order.
  • FixedLots: Only used if UseMM ( Money Management ) is set to false.
  • Slippage: Slippage order.
  • MaxOpen: number maximum open order allowed by EA.
  • TakeProfit: TakeProfit from as many pips.
  • StopLoss: StopLoss from as many pips.
  • LockProfit: Set it true if you want to lock after profit.
  • TargetLock: minimum distance in pips from current order price to lock if profit.
  • PipsLock: how many pips to lock from order price.
  • MaxStopLevel: maximum stop level broker for pending order.
  • MinStopLevel: minimum stop level broker for pending order.
  • MaxTime: maximum time (in Seconds) to close pending order.
  • UseMM: money management.
  • Risk: risk setting in percentage, For 10.0 in Balance 10% Risk.
  • PowerExponen: Ratio strength candle by average daily candle on timeFrame M1.

For Customers

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

Yuan Tan
Yuan Tan 2015.11.03 09:29 

Real account has been a loss.

Versión 1.2 2015.10.08
- Trailing SL
- Filter ATR
- Hour Trading
- Filter Spread
- Improve StopLevel
Versión 1.1 2015.09.25
Adding power exponent
Improve risk money management