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The EA was developed to trade along side the market and build capital over time.

This EA is a conservative, mid-long term use EA with a minimum required starting capital of (£/$)10 000.00.

Run this EA with the recommended broker (5 digits, no greater than 0.01 min lots, competitive spreads, please contact me/see Comments for more details) and with leverage set at 50:1.

Lot sizes are dynamic with an overall increase in Lot size as capital increases.

When backtesting this EA, please ensure that humble is set to false.


  • humble = false (used during reinitiation if StageLoss is negative for a symbol after a profit has been made on that signal)
  • inputRLoopT = 0.0 (used with humble, please contact me and I will guide you through entering the correct value for the situation)
  • MagicNumber = 1234 (this is the default, you may change it)
  • Warning = Warning: do not activate Hyper without developer consultation (this is superficial)
  • Hyper = false (with the instrument list provided, Hyper will never be necessary; it is for use on very unstable instruments, usually indices, and the EA has not been configured to operate Hyper correctly on every instrument, as it is not a primary mode of trading for this EA)

Extended Information Regarding humble

humble is a state of trading that the EA should only be set to in one instance, this instance is when a profit has been made and the value of StageLoss is negative. When this instance occurs for the first time, please contact me so that I can ensure humble is used correctly, and ensure that any clarification needed is given. This measure is only taken to ensure that any incorrect historical data sent by your broker does not alter the way the EA behaves on reinitialization.

Usage Warning

Please do not use this EA in conjunction with another EA running on the same symbol even if the timeframe is different.

Recommended instruments (these instruments have been vetted, the EA has not undergone any optimization as the EA has been designed to alter its behaviour internally according to market behaviour, thus optimization will not alter the behaviour of this EA):

  • SG30SGD
  • XAUHKD (Gold Hong Kong Dollar)
  • XAGEUR (Silver Euro)
  • XAGGBP (Silver Great British Pound)
  • XAGUSD (Silver US Dollar)
  • XAUEUR (Gold Euro)
  • XAUGBP (Gold Great British Pound)
  • XAUUSD (Gold US Dollar)
  • XPTUSD (Platinum)

Additional Information

If you would like to use a lower leverage, please contact me and I will modify the EA accordingly.

A larger leverage is strongly advised against.

While it is not required for functionality, using this EA on most, if not all, of the recommended instruments is recommended for those hoping to meet stipulated annual targets.

A number of the backtest results have been attached.

Backtest results for brokers other than the recommended broker (please see Comments) may yield different results.

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Versión 1.421 2015.10.16
Slight trading bug present in McrFx 1.42 fixed, bug was discovered in last minute final backtest checks
Versión 1.42 2015.10.13
This addition of McrFx introduces a form of capital control which puts the most responsibility for capital growth on the best performing instruments.

New input variable:

bool Exponential = false;

When Exponential is set to 'true', the trades made via all instruments will use margins proportional to the Account Balance (internal scaling to minimize the risks associated with volatile instruments will still be in place). When Exponential is set to 'false', the trades made will now have additional scaling parameters which factor in the performance of the automated trading system with each specific instrument.

The user is free to change the value of Exponential to 'true' or 'false' at any time. The value of Exponential can differ from one instrument to another if that is the user's preference.

It is advised that the user revisit the product's Comments page for recommendations on whether or not to make Exponential 'true' or 'false' for a particular instrument. Setting Exponential to 'true' may increase the aggression of McrFx with instruments which have not consistently contributed to capital growth, it may also allow consistently beneficial instruments to cause more vigorous capital growth.
Versión 1.41 2015.09.28
New input parameters:

input double initial (when you start using this EA for the first time on an account, input the account balance value, entering an incorrect starting value may cause trading to halt in order to protect capital)

NB: This update removes erroneous "Initial Capital Below Required Minimum" messages.