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Trading on the pullback

The Trading on the pullback is developed for trading on pullbacks at the moment of trend formation. The strategy is a repeated winner of demo account contests. But if you prefer long-term trading, you will need to set it for your trading pair and test it in the Strategy Tester. Pay sufficient attention to a timeframe, as frequency and quality of trades depend on it. If you are absolutely satisfied with the demo version of the product, you may buy it. Trading on a real account will be absolutely the same.

Attention! The EA price may rise!


  • Lot - lot of the first order.
  • Auto_lot - if you set any value here, the initial lot will be set automatically. The higher is the value, the higher is the risk.
  • Martingale - multiplier for the next lot in case of an unprofitable position.
  • TakeProfit - take profit. If set to 0, take profit is not placed.
  • StopLoss - stop loss. If set to 0, stop loss is not placed.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop. Number of points in the profitable direction from the price to enable trailing stop. If set to 0, trailing stop is disabled.
  • TrailingStep - step from the current price for moving stop loss if trailing stop is enabled.
  • BY - breakeven. Disabled if set to 0. If you set any value here, breakeven will trigger when this number of points will be passed from the current price.
  • by - number of points to protect.
  • Trend power - power of trend. The higher is the value, the bigger trend will be chosen by the EA for pullback trading. The best value is 60-100.
  • Trend filtr - filter of trades in case of a small trend. The higher is the value, the more precise will be filtration of each trade. The best value is 10-30
  • Time settings - settings of trading time. You can set a day and time of trading (hour and minutes when the EA enables and disables).
  • Magic number - magic number for multiple trading.
  • Color_buy - color of buy orders.
  • Color_sell - color of sell orders.
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