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FT Bid Ratio Indicator

FT Bid Ratio Indicator calculates the ratio of the current bid price and the daily high / low.

Displayed Information:

  • ExtBidRatio - Bid Ratio for selected time frame

Indicator Parameters:

  • InpDayStartHour* - the time from which will be calculated daily high / low (hour)
  • InpDayStartMinute* - the time from which will be calculated daily high / low (minute)
  • InpLineShow - show a horizontal line with the current value
  • InpLineColor - line color
  • InpLineStyle - line style
  • InpLineWidth - line width
  • InpLineNamePrefix - line name prefix
  • InpDaySeparatorsShow - show a vertical lines as day separators
  • InpDaySeparatorsColor - day separators color
  • InpDaySeparatorsStyle - day separators style
  • InpDaySeparatorsWidth - day separators width
  • InpDaySeparatorsNamePrefix - day separators name prefix

* Note: If the value DayStart is not divisible with the current timeframe, DayStart time is open time matching candles. The indicator is designed for daily period and smaller.

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 18:51 

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